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More Mormons for Marriage: All You Need is Love….

Four* LDS people discuss their feelings about Prop. 8. We welcome submissions of other videos expressing respectful opposition to LDS church involvement in California’s Proposition 8, or Arizona’s Proposition 102. *Around a month after these four videos were posted, two of our guests were contacted by their local church leaders, and those local leaders asked […]

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A Personal Story — It’s about Fairness and Equality for All

A guest post by Tom Bestor In the midst of all the debate over Proposition 8, I fear something important is being lost as we work toward protecting marriage equality: the impact on real people. Sure, you’ll occasionally hear a story like the one about the family who traveled to Florida and suffered outrageous discrimination […]

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Rebuttal to “Six Consequences if Prop 8 Fails”

Guest post by Morris A. Thurston An anonymously-authored document titled “Six Consequences the Coalition Has Identified if Proposition 8 Fails” is currently being distributed by a coalition of churches and other organizations in support of Proposition 8, an initiative on the November 2008 California ballot. The intent of Proposition 8 is to overturn the California […]

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Another reason to vote no Proposition 8

Pete Stahl has been rating California ballot propo­sitions since 1980. A native of San Diego and grad­uate of La Jolla High School, Pete started writing his reviews while a student at Harvard. As a new voter, he was appalled at the hysterical tone and utter lack of objectivity of the official arguments in the ballot […]

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Examining the Consequences of Prop 8 – Part 1

Several versions of a document entitled, “The [insert number here] Consequences of a Loss on Prop 8″ have been circulating on blogs and emails for about a month now.  There are many places online where rebuttals have been posted, with varying degrees of rancor, including here. For a link to Part 2, the document created […]

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