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“It is not good for man (or woman) to be alone.”

  • Presently, LDS Church leaders offer only two options to homosexuals within the church:
    • Option 1: To enter into a heterosexual marriage in spite of their dismal success rates — most often leading to misery and disaster for both husband and wife. Consider what it would be like to either: 1) marry someone you were not physically attracted to, or 2) marry someone who is not at all physically attracted to you. Would you want your child to marry someone in this situation? For most, this option is simply not viable. But Option #2 is just as hopeless…
    • Option 2: To voluntarily choose a lifetime of celibacy and solitude – where one of the most basic human needs (that of human physical intimacy) – is made unavailable for the entire lifetime of the homosexual member. Can you imagine for a second being asked to remain alone your entire adult life – never to know the joys of spousal companionship and intimacy? To us, this is perhaps the cruelest of requests. In prison, the worst possible punishment is not capital punishment, it is solitary confinement. And this, in essence, is what we’re asking of our gay brothers and sisters with this option. Can you imagine living the rest of your life unable to reach out and touch someone you love? While it’s true that some heterosexual people never marry, at least they have the HOPE of physical intimacy and can freely give and receive physical affection to those they are dating.
  • Depriving our brothers and sisters of this most basic way to fill the very real need of physical affection is only part of what is denied when we deny them marital relationships. Marriage is about more than physical intimacy, it includes having someone to lean on, someone in your corner, a best friend to care for and someone who will take care of you. Marriage includes sharing all of onesself – heart, mind, body and soul, in an exquisite union.
  • In our opinion, offering only these two options to our gay brothers and sisters runs completely counter to the plan of happiness in this life. Along with oxygen, food and water, human companionship and intimacy are two of the most basic needs that we have.
  • As we have been taught, as Mormons, for over 150 years – “It is not good for man to be alone.”

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