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Quality marriage (monogamy) is ideal for all parties involved

  • We named this site “Mormons for Marriage” because we believe that monogamy and marriage are among the highest, and most sacred institutions in this life.
  • The benefits of marriage are innumerable to society:
    • Healthy marriages help to encourage loyalty and commitment among couples, and to discourage infidelity.
    • People are proven to live longer and happier lives within healthy marriages.
    • Healthy marriages are good for the economy.
    • Children who grow up in two-parent families are less likely to live in poverty, more likely to be well-educated, more likely to be healthy and less likely to become involved in self-destructive behaviors such as drinking and drugs.
    • Marriage allows access to efficient insurance, tax, inheritance, and other important benefits.
    • And of course, healthy marriages can help to dramatically decrease the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Marriage increases levels of commitment, health and happiness among homosexuals, just as it does for heterosexuals, while decreasing the risks of disease and death not just for them, but for the population as a whole. Committed, quality marriages have a stabilizing effect on society. It just makes no sense to deny these benefits to homosexuals willing to step up to the responsibilities inherent in a committed relationship.
  • Marriage is not merely about sex. It is about sharing your love and your life with a partner who cares about you whether or not you’re at your best. It is about giving yourself completely to another and it is about taking responsibility for another’s life and sticking together no matter what happens.
  • We believe that marriage is a wonderful and a sacred thing – and that is why we support marriage – for all God’s children.

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