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Homosexuality does not go away

  • For the gay loved ones we know – homosexuality does not go away. It cannot be “cured”.
  • For years within the LDS Church, church leaders experimented with all sorts of “therapy” to make homosexual feelings “go away,” including:
    • Encouraging homosexuals to not tell their fiancés about their homosexuality (promising them that heterosexual marriage would cure their “illness”)
    • Aversion shock therapies that were experimented with at BYU in the 1970s – where BYU professors would literally shock young gay men while asking them to look at gay pornography – trying to “cure their minds” of homosexual thoughts.

None of these experiments solved the problem. Typically, therapies such as these made things worse. The vast majority of the mixed-orientation marriages ended in tragedy or divorce, and experiments like perversion shock therapy may have triggered mental illnesses in some cases (in addition to being inhumane and unethical).

  • Even modern experimentation with “reparative therapy” has had similar effects – offering false hope to gay and straight alike – with virtually no success.
  • Furthermore, young church members struggling with “curing themselves” of homosexual inclinations have inordinately high rates of suicide.
  • In summary; homosexuality, like race and skin color, does not go away. It is not a choice.

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