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Gay Mormons? A Summer Reading Essential

Yes, there are gay Mormons, and their stories are compelling. Brent Kerby’s put a bunch of them into one book, now available online and in paperback or on Kindles. As more people in American society find safety in sharing with friends and family that they are attracted to members of the same sex, it’s no […]

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Loving others means…standing up

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this post from an old friend who, under a bit of ecclesiastical pressure, censored herself.  Her whole blog post is definitely worth reading.  Here’s an excerpt: … While the chorus for marriage equality grows louder, the choices facing Mormons

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Of Good Report – to ‘bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light.’

Over the past few weeks, one stake presidency has begun taking a very active role in finding ways to encourage, support and welcome some of the more invisible members of their wards – those who are gay/lesbian and their family members. Would that such meetings were more common occurrences. One attendee noted: I have just […]

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Take Heart – A Change is Gonna Come

An anonymous commenter has summed up much for us here. Thanks It looks like Prop 8 is gonna win, but let’s try not to despair. This battle may be lost, but I strongly believe that the seeds of ultimate victory have already been sown. They are just gonna need time to sprout. A change is […]

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Healing After the Last Ballot is Cast

When the phone banking, donating, meeting, emailing, facebooking, sign posting, interviewing, u-tube uploading, twittering, blogging, talking, myspacing and bumper sticking is over we are still sisters and brothers. All of my family and extended family, most of my fellow church members and some dear friends are against gay marriage. It has been hard to be […]

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