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Prop 8 Unconstitutional (again)

A 3-judge panel from the 9th District Court of Appeals released a 2-1 opinion today confirming that stripping the rights of same-sex Californians to marry was unconstitutional.

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The Beginning of the End

This afternoon marked the final hearings in the flurry of appeals related to the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case. A decision on the constitutionality of California’s one man-one woman marriage definition could be issued at any time, whenever the three-judge appellate panel is ready to sign off on the decision. Court watchers are hoping for an […]

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Standing on the corner, outside the fire

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals folks have been busy today.  Let’s examine what they’ve done:

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Appealing Appeal

Well, that was interesting.  Let the analysis and commentary and discussion begin.  If you haven’t had a chance to view or listen to or read about what went on in San Francisco today, check the links out first. It will probably take some time for the rulings.  Even though they heard both arguments today, they […]

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…and (he’s) a Mormon?

Hi.  My name is N. Randy Smith and I’m a judge appointed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by President George W. Bush.  I, along with two of my colleagues (liberal Stephen Reinhardt and moderate Michael Daly Hawkins) am going to hear the appeal of the “Prop 8 Case” on December 6th.  And I’m […]

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