CryptocurrencyVs Forex: A comparison

CryptocurrencyVs Forex: A comparison


Even since the first bitcoin was successfully mined in the year 2009, the cryptocurrency trading has taken a leap and created a new sensation in the market. The blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrency transfers is fresh and various financial sectors like banks are taking steps to incorporate the innovation in the conventional bank transactions. Learn more about this technology online. Cryptocurrencies are regarded as digital or virtual assets that use cryptography to secure transactions. Bitcoin is the most common and highly valued digital currency at the moment.

FOREX, which is a foreign exchange market facilitates currency trading and exchange. FOREX trading too flourished in recent years due to the technological advancements and the huge profits it promises. It is a global market where the value of one currency is compared to that of the other, in order to determine which one should be traded.

Market size:

FOREX is so far the largest market place where a huge number of traders participate on a daily basis. Thanks to the Internet, for making remote access possible. As the number of active traders is maximum, forex offers high liquidity and pricing stability. The last 20 years has been massive for currency exchange.

In contrast, cryptocurrencies are minuscule market compared to the trillion dollar worth FOREX. Bitcoins are mined only in a smaller volume and the digital currency’s total count is restricted to 21 million. Yet, BTC is younger than FOREX and we shouldn’t forget that the robust growth of the cryptos in the last decade is multiple times faster than that of the growth of forex market in the same time period.


The cryptocurrency market operates 24×7, whereas it is 24×5 for forex trading. But the weekend break doesn’t make a huge impact on the price differences among the world currencies. This is not the case with the cryptocurrencies. They are highly volatile that time can make a huge difference in the value of the virtual currencies and one may even end up losing all the investments in a shorter span of time.

Effects of inflation:

The changes in global economic trends and inflation greatly influence the forex market.  To be a successful forex trader, extensive knowledge about currencies and intelligence are indispensable. Inflation doesn’t have a role when it comes to Crypto trading. Even one can rely on automatic trading software to perform bitcoin trading.



Simple and Effective Business Goals You can Set

Simple and Effective Business Goals You can Set

Your business could be customer-centric or, service-oriented however big or small, or how old the enterprise is, achieving the purpose for which you are running an organization is important. Your business location, your core objectives, and values, and ultimately the business profit that you desire to achieve all depend upon how well your goal is set. Your business keeps moving in the right direction when goals are set and there is a frequent review to assess where you are as a business, your profitability. The strategies that should be dynamic enough to accommodate minor changes to keep your goals ongoing basis.

Setting smaller goals on a shorter time span is useful for achieving easily when you have trouble achieving long-term goals, set smart goals and gives the best to achieve them on a regular basis.

  • reducing the costs is a big goal of small enterprises, who have a limited budget, adopting newer technology that saves both time and money are floating around in the internet space, make use of them, like the Ethereum Code an alternative income solution for people who need quick money to meet their requirements
  • hiring the right person id important than hiring too many staff doing the repetitive job, here planning the desk job is important to find out more, from accountants and business friends to select the smart yet hardworking employee who understands business goals
  • boost the productivity of your team that directly translates to achieving the set goals and increase the sales, motivate them and give them the leverage to work individually without micromanaging
  • customer service desk is very important to retain the old customer and also bring in more new customers, the right attitude and give complete information about the products is important, handling the customer grievances calmly without being reactive is the key
  • use the social media to garner more traffic for your business, they work wonders, fresh ideas, spicy blogs and well-informed articles about your own business products are the best way to market and get the numbers coming
  • use the social media to the best for marketing your products, set a goal to understand and foray into digital space with your business and highlight the best products with customer feedbacks and offers for first few entries

Having a money makeover is a good idea to concentrate on the business goals, limiting unnecessary expenses is the best way to reassess your goals and achieve them.


Security Is Important In Online Financial Transactions

Security Is Important In Online Financial Transactions


You read about the software industry and cyber security and wonder about the safety of our assets. There is no option now, all the banking services are online these days, whether you still like the old-fashioned personal banking visits. Trading, transactions and banking transfers of money are all operations done online only.

Cybersecurity is essential

The role of cybersecurity is very significant now. Most banks have online banking with security protocols in place. They have introduced many security features that are mind-boggling. From one-time password and QR codes that are available in some parts of the world, we have facial live recognition using retina scanning and video identification. These features ensure that any transaction that happens in our account is completed in real time and under the watchful eyes of the cybersecurity team.

This should make you feel better but actually, it does make you wonder bout about your readiness for the future. Are you sure that you are well prepared for a virtual future? Check the security system on the computer and the passwords on the bank accounts! See that you have the latest anti-phishing tools and anti-hacking systems in place. You must take care of using more complicated passwords on the bank accounts and of course, do not use the most often used ‘abcdef’ or your short name and date of birth. These are so common that any hacker with some knowledge about your account will be able to hack the account after some trial and error. Another aspect is to change the password as often as you can so that it is not easy to crack the code on the various accounts that you have. Do not write down these passwords anywhere easily accessible.

Security in trading

If you are so particular about the security and safety of the accounts then you will be happy to use the QProfit System for trading. This is one of the few online software trading systems that is particular about the security of the program. They have the latest security protocols in place and your data- that includes your personal details, banking details and the details of the trading account completely private and safe. If you want to see its review, then follow the link provided here. This program has been created with attention to even the smallest detail. Rest assured that the system makes the most efficient use of robotic software while trading signals are isolated from signals from all over the world. Use a trading program after you are convinced about the efficiency and security aspects and you will not regret it for a moment.


Is Customer Care Service Important For The Growth Of The Business?

Is Customer Care Service Important For The Growth Of The Business?

Every business organization’s success always depends on the customers. The success of a business without its customer’s satisfaction is uncertain.  Nowadays business organizations realize the value of customers, so they have brought about a lot of changes in customer care policies and them from time to time implement them for improving customer satisfaction. The satisfied customers are actually long term asset for your business growth.

The customer care service is the policies of the organization that stands for the satisfaction of the customers. The policy should include all factors which are related to customers like how to treat customers, how to handle complaints, how to provide other services such as parking, and billing problems and so on.

A good customer care service always starts with the attitude of the employer and employees. For more profitable business the employer should make some changes in the top down services of the business organization. They are;

Customer care service policies

At the initial stage of any business, the employer always makes policies for the smooth running of the organization. But as the business becomes stable he/ she should realize that their customers should be the focal point of the business. So every customer service policy should address the credible aspect of customer experience, that means it should include, how to handles your different types of customers, how quickly you can solve the customer problems, how to handle a busy business day, is your return policy is fair enough. Every good customer care policy should include the ways to maintain the customer- friendly relationship that will automatically improve the sales of the business.

Employee selection and on the job training

Employees are a very important part of the business firm. They can make positive and negative impacts on a business organization. So when you recruiting your employees, you should inquire them about what is the essential quality needed to provide better customer care. If the answer is positive, he/ she can give the best care to the customers. After the recruitment process, then as a good employer, you should train them on the policies of customer care. The most popular training programmes are role-playing, this will provide a clear idea about the importance of the employee-customer relationship. Moreover, the on the job training process also helps the employee to fit in the new environment and also help to perform well.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys provide data regarding the customer’s satisfaction with the services provided. We can measure the customer’s satisfaction levels through surveys, focused group discussions or through store comment box service etc. The employer should review these complaints and new plans to be implemented to resolve these complaints. This will generate goodwill on your business, thereby profit will be improved.

Taking A Leverage Position When Trading Futures

Taking A Leverage Position When Trading Futures


Trading futures offers leverage. This means that even with a small account size you can make significant gains in the futures market. The leverage lets you maximize your positions and works to increase the gain percentage on the trade. To be able to trade in futures using leverage the trader needs to put a margin payment which allows him to buy or sell the futures contract. The trading size is large and thus you should understand that taking leverage not just magnifies your profits but also magnifies the losses.

Trading futures using margins

The initial margin deposit that you deposit with the futures broker is to protect any loss that may happen during the trade. Once the position is closed you get back the margin along it gains or the loss of the trade. Most of the brokers will ask for a position of the contract value as the margin amount. This is set by the exchange. In times when the market is highly volatile, the futures margins will be increased.

Leverage increases gains as well as losses. If the trade that you take goes in the wrong direction then you stand to lose a lot of money. Your broker will let you know of the minimum amount that you need to keep in your account to be able to keep the position open. You may even receive a margin call if the price falls lower and you end up in more loses. The margin call is done by the broker to ask you to deposit more fund in your account to compensate for the losses of your trade. If you are unable to deposit the money in your fund then the trade will be closed and you suffer the loss.

Trade carefully when using leverage

Trading in the futures market using leverage is risky and one should understand that it is risky. It is important that one does proper planning before entering the trade. Also when the market is very volatile it is advised to not take a high leveraged trade.

This does not mean that one should not trade in the futures market. It is important to research well and proper risk management before taking futures position. Never take a position on your gut feeling or hope. That does not work in the financial market.


When trading in the futures market on the automated trading robot take care to never use the minimum margin amount because this in all probability will lead to a margin call. You should put in more money than the initial deposit because it will give some breathing space for your trade.



Get ready for the crypto revolution!

Life has become so easy after technological advancements and the digital revolution. The objective of every new formulation is improving the standard of human life and enabling effective problem-solving. Already, the world is flooded with different capital currencies and now, Cryptocurrencies are added to the list. Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, who made virtual trading possible by successfully launching the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

What makes crypto stand out among conventional currencies?

  1. Cryptocurrency is actually a virtual or a digit asset, which deploys cryptography to accredit, verify, and secure transactions peer to peer.
  2. The traditional banking currencies are centralized whereas the cryptos are decentralized currencies. The blockchain technology serves as the financial database, which digitally acknowledges every transfer, hence ensuring authenticity and integrity. The success of the blockchain technology made other financial units to adopt the same in their sector.
  3. Bitcoin is the very first and the most successful cryptocurrency till now. Ethereum, litecoin are other notable ones. These currencies have no intrinsic value and hence the price fluctuates according to the changing global market.
  4. The major benefit of cryptos is they don’t need third parties to enable transfer, hence brokerage bucks are saved. But, miners play a major role in transferring currencies over the network. They fortify the legitimacy of the transaction and add the node to the database, thereby joining the blockchain.
  5. The virtual currencies are exchanged for fiat currencies like dollars, Euros, and others with the aid of trading Software like Ethereum code. Want to know the technical background of the software? read more about Ethereum code in its exclusive website.
  6. The transactions can’t be reversed and the identity of the sender and the receiver are protected.
  7. Transactions are super fast! It doesn’t matter whether we are transferring coins to a next-door friend or a stranger in the other part of the earth. It is verified and sent in seconds.

Endnote: The rise of cryptos, especially bitcoins has created enthusiasm among the online traders. This will open gates for the development and usage of other cryptocurrencies. This is truly a revolution. A proper structured network and monitoring can put the digital currencies ahead of conventional currencies. Anything that saves time and lessens human burden acquire red carpet welcome. Let’s adapt the virtual currencies and make use of the most for the betterment of online trading and the global economy.

Aware Of The Share Market

Share market is a platform to make money in small and long-terms, it includes a public stock exchange as well as stock, shares are one of the best short and long-term investments in the financial marketplace. People who invested in shares will get returns in two types like annual basis and long-term capital growth. The money earned through share market tax is supposed to be taxable and needs to pay the brokerage for the trading agenesis as well, Based on the share price and trading the brokerage will be added. Investing in stocksshares and other securities is speculative. When trading in stocks shares and other securities your capital is at risk, Figure out your investment goals.

Points to be remembered:

  • Determine your risk tolerance.
  • Find your investingstyle & strategy.
  • Learn the costs.
  • Find a broker/adviser.
  • Pick your investments.
  • Keep your emotions separate.


Keep you updated: Manage your finances with online stock trading news, live market news, share market news and views and analysis on equity and stock market tips, Sensex, nifty, commodity, personal finance, mutual funds, market outlook. Etc.,

Set your goal: If you have a plan to invest in the share market, you should know your purpose of investing and when you need your investments to get it back, Read more about Ethereum code

Risk Tolerance: It is a psychological trait and it is influenced by education, income and wealth as these increases, your risk also increases. During the period of financial uncertainty, the investor who can retain a cool head and follows an analytical decision process invariably comes out ahead.

Control Your Emotions: The biggest obstacle faced by the investor is an inability to control one’s emotion and make logical decisions some people can feel negative about the market and some people can think positively as well. An individual should have an exit strategy before buying the security and execute the strategy unemotionally.

Learn the basics: Before your investment, one should learn about the basics about the stock market and individual securities, etc.,

Few important areas you should be familiar before investing, they are financial metrics and definitions, popular methods of stock selection and timing, stock market order types, different types of investment accounts.

Avoid Leverages: Leverage is a tool either good nor bad. However, it is a tool best used after you gain experience in your decision-making abilities. Always limit your risk when you are starting out to the long-term investment.

Conclusion: Share market is the risk platform at the same time you can earn more money if you are well planned with your investments and market strategy regularly

Top Reasons Why Business Goals are not Achieved

Top Reasons Why Business Goals are not Achieved

Setting goals are important for business, strategically setting certain financial decisions is important, financing and working capital requirements are two important facets of business that is often ignored. Prancing to get the capital and working capital for the business to run successfully requires a lot of meticulous planning and goal setting, and continuous monitoring and review will help the company to grow on the right path. Pulling the reins when things get chaotic and suddenly the leadership team realizes that that is way beyond the set target and goals, is a result of improper planning.

  • setting unrealistic targets are the most common reason when the bus is missed and there is a lot of finger pointing, preventive and every step review in the business path is essential so that the damage is done and then the leaders realize that things are gone way to beyond to rectify

hiring people who are professionals is good, however concentrating too much on building talent pool while the goals are yet to be set on track is vain, there are big corporations who have lost much of their time in hiring the people, while by the time they come up the learning curve  like trading in Ethereum Code  and go live it is too late, hire smartly and get them focused on reaching the goals with step by step evaluation

  • more realistic and data-driven the goal is, easier it is to achieve, setting high targets not based on previous history or customer backed data, will be disastrous, understanding the diverse culture and the customer requirement, goals should be designed that will focus on the customer who is ultimately the heart of the business
  • set goals that are workable, improved with time, and complies with your line of business keep reviewing often in the monthly basis of where you are, where you need to be and action items in case you have even deviated 1 % from your goal set
  • communication is the key to the success, crisp and clear delivery of the objectives and goals to the staff is important, there should not be any dilution in the core values and the business goals that we are focusing to achieve, through unnecessary gossips and irrelevant grapevine
  • Engaging the employees in the common target of the company is important, find out more, from the recent success of the top business and, smaller enterprises, where the common factor is the best employee engaging company.


Using Business Credit Cards Effectively

Using Business Credit Cards Effectively

Without a decent framework set up, it’s hard to monitor charge card expenses that eventually influence your primary concern. Continue reading to find a few systems to handle proprietorship.

Guarantee Accountability

The most imperative stage an independent company can assume to ensure bank cards are utilized viably is to put up a verification responsibility framework. This means the world from pre-endorsement of all Mastercard expenditures, to thorough requirement of receipts, to generating charge cards from the individuals who don’t report totally and with receipts on time.

Choose Who Gets a Card

While providing everybody with a charge card may appear like a simple activity, it can prompt a useless, costly framework, and a genuine absence of control and responsibility. Numerous organizations, particularly with business people, repay for organization expenses on individual Mastercards with amazing responsibility i.e., no repayment, no receipt.

It is useful, be that as it may, to have clear guidelines with respect to who gets the bank card. This can help stay away from perplexity and alleviate awful emotions from workers who might want a card, yet are not qualified.

Set Limits

Each business ought to have clear approaches concerning expenditure, which includes the costs that can be entered on the cards, how much workers can spend and how regularly they can utilize their cards. It’s imperative to expressly state the arrangement, and have each worker who is issued a card to read and put their signatures. After which, a duplicate can be provided for the card holder’s reference.

In the event that your business doesn’t have a plainly expressed strategy set up, it can turn out to be simple for Visa clients to legitimize any cost, even those you didn’t plan to cover. With a few cards, you can put singular confinements for every worker.

Be Watchful

Numerous business charge cards enable you to set up notifications that are received as content or email every time an exchange happens. You can likewise exploit on the web as well as cell phone saving money to see up-to-the-minute record action. It’s implied that you should survey every announcement to ensure everything is a charge that you have approved.

Utilize  Credit Wisely

While Visas are anything but difficult to utilize, they’re not generally the best decision, particularly for huge consumptions that can’t be forked over the required funds previously intrigue kicks in. Despite the fact that it requires an additional push to anchor an advance from the banking institution or other loaning organization, it’s sensible to do so regularly, as the rate of interest on charge cards is normally greater than such anchored instruments, as said prior.

Innovation In Business

Innovation In Business

Innovation is the creativity which we bring into our business. We should think very creative to attract the customers or clients and to withstand in the business markets against the competitors. Innovation is something which should be geared up from the inner heart. Innovation is a needed one for any business for giving advertisements or promoting the business products to the people. There are many automated trading robots available in the market to help the businessmen. We should keep in mind some points to implement innovation in the business. Let us discuss what are they on this blog.

  1. Gather more information:

To be innovative we should be very curious about gathering more and more information about the business products. Because the technology is changing rapidly and so the businessmen should keep a track on the technology changes and try to implement them in their own business. Gathering information from other is the most important way to develop creativity in us.

  1. Recognise the opportunities:

We should think wisely at sometimes while running a business. We should not everything in a business blindly. We should recognize the opportunities and think about what can be done to attract the customers and how it should be done in an innovative way. The opportunities will make us be more and more innovative. So we should use the chances we get in our life to show off our innovation and creativity and reach greater heights.

  1. Look broader:

The thinking level should be very high to bring innovation into a business. We should always think smarter and look broader so that we will stand at the top position before the other beating competitors. It is in our hands to use our creativity to make our business worldwide. We should think in all ways and then decide which will suit our business well. We should never go in a single way and we have to find the multiple ways to achieve success. Innovation is one of the finest keys to unlock our business life and achieve a massive success.

  1. Ideas from the customers:

The customers are the most innovative people than the businessmen. They will expect much from us and it will be very helpful for us to improve our business. We can get many ideas from them and execute them in an innovative manner. If the customers find ourselves improving, they will keep supporting us. So the customers are the main reason for our growth in business life.


Thus conclude that every businessman should try to improve themselves by thinking creatively and wisely.