Why Have A Trading Model

Why Have A Trading Model

The trading model is created to govern the trading activities. It is a clearly defined rule with the entire process of trading explained in a detailed manner. There are many benefits associated with using the trading model for trading stocks. But in the case of trading in cryptocurrencies, you don’t need a trading model initially as the automated trading software through which you conduct the transactions will take all the decisions through the process of the algorithm. Hence you don’t have to worry about the decisions being correct or not. But choosing the trading software is critical as there are few fraudulent ones in the market like infinity app software. You need to be cautious of such software.

Benefits of having a trading model in the stock market

Many benefits are offered by the rule-based trading model.

  • These models are based on a given set of rules. It will help in removing all the human emotions related to decision making. For instance, fear of loss might hold you back to conduct certain trades. On the other hand, you might get greedy and will end up in overtrading.
  • The models could be backtested easily using the historical data in order to check whether it is worth continuing with the transactions and taking the plunge using real money.
  • The backtesting conducted using the model allows one to verify the associated costs so that the trader would be able to see the profit potential much more realistically.
  • You can automate the models so that it will send pop-up messages, charts, and mobile alerts. This will reduce the need to manually monitor the action throughout. If you use the model one can easily track at least 10 stocks in a day with 50 days moving average. Without the model, to manually track the entire stock could be quite difficult.

In order to build your own trading model, you don’t need to have an advanced level of trading knowledge.  But you should be able to understand about how and why the movement of price happens (For instance, the effect of world events on price movements), where do the opportunities exist and also how to capitalize practically on the opportunities.  Initially, it is best you get familiarized with the varied technical indicators. It offers an insight to the trading patterns. When you are able to understand the technical indicators, you can customize and alter the strategies in your model.